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Blue and Yellow Room (Pre-K)

In order to prepare for kindergarten, the children will begin writing letters, identifying letter sounds, and beginning to blend letter sounds to make words! The children will also learn how to sit and be engaged in activities for extended periods of time. We also integrate concepts from the San Ramon Valley Unified School District standards in order to best prepare the children for kindergarten.

We continue to focus heavily on building social and emotional skills, as these are the foundations for all learning! It is vital to young children’s development that they build skills in the following areas in order to be most successful in their later learning: playing constructively with peers, learning how to enter play, problem-solving, negotiating, coping, self-awareness, self-expression, trust, initiative, autonomy, and relating to others.


We have a balance between child-directed and teacher-directed learning. We engage in structured and unstructured activities, learning how to follow directions, but also how to use their imagination and creative skills to think outside the box! We encourage the children to be individuals and to be proud of the way they process the world around them! No two people think the same and that’s what makes us so special! See our Daily Routine

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